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Here are the machinery

Corrugation Line

Machinery corrugation line consist of fully automatic 5 ply corrugation line with capacity of 1200 tones per month from Heibei Xingguang Cartoon Machinery Manufacture Co.China.Machinery line produces over 120 meters of 5 ply board per minute.

Printer, Slotter, Die Cutter

High Speed 3 colour Printer, Rotary, Slotter and Die cutter machine from Guangzhou Keshelong Carton Packing Machine Co, China - Newly installed. Produce 150 sheets of high quality prints per minute.

Auto Glue-ing

Automatic Glue-ing machine having capacity of producing 100 sheets per minute - Newly Installed. .Advantage of glue-ing sides instead of stitching as required by the food packaging industry.

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